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Mission & Vision

Gnome Apothecary is devoted to the grassroots healthcare system, and the protection of Mother Earth.

At the heart of Gnome Apothecary Foundation is the plants, whom are surrounded by the garden and ecosystem they grow in.

By connecting with the plants and their living world, we are fostering a deeper connection with Nature, and allowing natural healing to take place.

You will find Gnomes in the garden. They are spiritual guardians and custodians, whom take care of the Earth.

Gnomes are elemental creatures that have a fondness for Nature and keep the energies of the Earth, Air, Water, and Sun, Moon and Starlight in balance.

The little people have a close relationship to the plant kingdom because plants are manifestations of these natural elements.

Through using plants we may develop a greater connection to the elements of Nature, thus supporting our lives to return to homeostasis, a natural state of balance.

In order for natural healing to succeed, it is in Gnome Apothecary’s best interest to nurture the vitality of the plants and ensure that their life force is maintained in the final product.

'Apothecary' is an old word for a pharmacy.

Gnome Apothecary beholds remedies and therapies that are plant based and come from Nature itself, and with all the preparations made by human hand.

We aim to share the education required for us to safely integrate herbs into our lives, and allow the opportunity to attain health at home.

It is our mission to focus on organic and regenerative farming practices, and support local, sustainable projects, that offer economic and social upliftment to the communities nurturing the land.

Furthermore, apothecaries hold the opportunity to protect and carry on the culture of natural healing, the folklore that surrounds herbal medicine, and the stories and songs of the plants themselves.

Gnome Apothecary is modelled, not as a business, but a Foundation. The Foundation model allows us to provide a service to the community that is not centred on economics, but focused on the freedom and liberation of human spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing through Natural Healing, an art that is deeply rooted within our ancestry and a legacy that is still carried today.

We give thanks to the plants, for their strong hearts, connecting communities, strengthening families, and being an integral force of life on Earth.

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