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Anxiety, Depression & Mental Illness Through the Lens of Detoxification

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Detoxification works with the body’s natural ability to regenerate deep rooted genetic physiological and psychological traumas and transforms them into gifts of growth.

Healing is never about curing the symptom - yet about transforming it into a greater state of health where the symptom simply doesn’t exist.
 The body correlates to the mind just as the brain is inseparable from thought and our glands are inseparable from emotions. Because of this, when we nourish the body, restoration is also brought to the thoughts and emotions. Anxiety and depression arise as a signal that there is a blockage. Just like a dam would build up in pressure, so does the mind when it is blocked. An inflammatory pressure in the body, even slight ones, will inhibit the nervous system, (our mind) and either depress or excite its function.

 The obstructions in the body cause a hinderance to the energy flow of our nervous system, obstructing the way we think, understand and perceive life. As mentioned, if a cell in the body were to become surrounded by acidic waste, it's function will either become agitated, or depressed. Though clogged tissue can become hyperactive, though it is only sooner or later before the cells become depleted of energy.

When this experience occurs to our glands, which are like the power plants of the body, the anxiety and depression permeates further from being only an experience of a cell to the experience of the whole body and mind. The endocrine glands can be referred to as our chakras which have strong ties to our emotional body. 
In mental disease, special care needs to be given to the endocrine glands. 

Life is predominately alkaline which is by Nature opening and nourishing. Alkalinity is nurturing, courageous, safe and will lift you up.
 The acid side of experience is tightening, corrosive, frightening and causes pain. When acids win, you lose! For mental illness, living food can be used to alkalise the body and eliminate acidic congestion. Living foods will also energise the body, bring calmness and clarity, and develop resilience, security, confidence, and competence. Most of all, a healthy body builds beauty and self worth.

Then when emotions arise through a healthy body, there is a sense of balance that allows you to feel yourself fully. 

The root cause of the mental illness, often childhood and ancestral memories, will resolve itself when it is capable of releasing from where the body is holding it in, often in fat or muscle cells, and when there is a clear pathway for its elimination.

When the eliminative channels in the body are open, the traumas are free to be realised and released.

The release of toxins corresponds with the release of the attached trauma. If the trauma is released yet there is no clear pathway for elimination, it will wreak havoc throughout the body, until it is stored once again.

Trauma inhibits lymphatic flow by blocking the nervous energy the lymphatic vessels require to remain open and fluid. Because the lymph system is our sewage system, traumas shutting down the lymph will congest the entire body with toxicity. Imagine a water bottle with its lid on so the water can't flow out.

These acidic waste obstructions must be eliminated by the kidneys. 
If the kidneys aren’t filtering and the lymph is stagnant then these emotions remain in the body, reoccurring and expressing themselves again and again in the body's attempt to achieve wholeness.

Anxiety is a systemic issue of acids causing agitation throughout the body. The lymph system and all its waste is eliminated via the kidneys, and on top of the kidneys sit the glands that majorly govern the kidneys and our emotional body - the adrenal glands!

The adrenals are deeply intertwined with our emotional body because they are a factory that produces over 50 different hormones. Some of these hormones interact with our body and it’s ability to cope with stress.

They also produce neurotransmitters which transmit nerve energy from one nerve cell to another and are essential for the function of the nervous system. When the adrenal glands become tired and weak, we experience the inability to overcome stress and anxiety, and likewise become exhausted by our own emotions. Anxiety attacks occur from the adrenals inability to hold integrity in the nervous system and cope with the stress.

When emotions and stress get the better of us and the adrenals become tired from it, the kidneys also become tired, and fail to filter out bodily waste. Then waste is innately backing up into the lymph and into every cell in the body compiling onto the problem. 
 To reach the root cause of the trauma, the congestion of lymph must be eliminated by restoring kidney filtration and adrenal strength!

Whilst depression is also systemic acidosis depleting cellular energy, it corresponds directly to the thyroid gland which is a gland responsible for every cell's energy metabolism. A strong thyroid will produce healthy blood circulation ensuring every cell is fed and energised with oxygen.
 The thyroid/parathyroid is responsible for our calcium utilisation. Calcium is critical for the functioning of the nervous system and for the structure of the nerves. When this gland isn't performing properly, our calcium levels may become too low for the nervous system to provide the necessary energy to tissues and then we lack energy and feel 'depressed'. Because the Thyroid works coherently with the Adrenal glands, they both should be worked upon together.

For the thyroid’s iodine supply, eat seaweed as a daily food!

The thyroid is highly vascular and benefits greatly from detoxification by cleaning out the blood vessels which are too often clogged with mucus.

Because our thyroid controls metabolism, if it is weak, our entire digestive system can begin to falter. 
Any congestion or constipation in the intestines, welcomes a fermentation and putrefactive process to digest the food.

Welcome too are the worms, fungus and parasites that assist the breakdown. 
When it is constipated full of foods putrefying and fermenting with parasites feeding off the waste, the acids created are going to agitate the 500million nerve cells in the gut and disturb the entire nervous system.
 The foundation of health lies in a healthy gut producing healthy digestion of nutrition. 
It is in the digestive tract that our serotonin, the happy hormone, is produced by gut bacteria. We also need our gut bacteria to create neurotransmitters from the amino acids we eat.
 The gut's bacteria thrive off the fibre present in raw foods. Raw foods are also probiotic as they contain natural microbes on them.

When the colon is clogged, then pressure is placed on the blood vessels and nerves that reach towards the head creating pressure in the head area. For a clear head, we need a clear gut.

And at last! We reach the brain!
 To heal the brain we must work on the previous areas addressed - kidneys, endocrine glands, bowels, and lymph system - so that the acidity, inflammation and pressure can be drained from the head area, and there can be greater oxygen circulation to the brain. Oxygenation to the brain and to the whole body is of great importance in healing. 
To assist this, cayenne and ginger are great aids to the circulatory system.
 Deep breathing is great done daily, and I’ve found it to be easiest when I’m exercising or doing movement. 
 Exercise is essential for increasing circulation and for moving lymph - and rebounding is a particularly healthful form of exercise. Essential oils diluted in olive oil and massaged greatly supports oxygenation, and also relaxation of the nervous system.
 Rest, relaxation and sleep regenerates the body and should be prioritised over bodybuilding at first.
 Time in Nature, barefoot, bareskinned, in the garden, on the Earth, in the Sun, swimming in Water, breathing fresh Air - is essential for a healthy spirit.

The raw living fruits and vegetables are the key healers and primary medicines for all disease.

 🍎🥕🥑🍑🥗 By changing the diet to an energising and alkalising plant based diet, thoughts and emotions can be addressed more readily and supported. 

Raw fruits and veggies leave no residue in the body, only cleaning and clearing waste with the their solvent saps and high fibre.

It is the living foods that contain the energy to support the nervous system and mind. 
As they pass through the digestive system they energise the nerve synapses which energises the corresponding organs and glands!

Fruits especially are the healers of the nervous system. 
They feed healthy sugars to the brain and nerves, and through this nourishment have the power to heal neurological disorders. 🍋🍉🍇 
Nerves also needs amino acids for the neurotransmitters like dopamine, melatonin and serotonin.

For amino acids use bee pollen, spirulina, and leafy greens - remember that amino acids are heat sensitive.

Raw foods are at the epitome of nutrition and nourishment. - fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, herbs and soaked seeds and nuts.

This is a systemic issue, physically, mentally and emotionally and needs to be addressed as such.

To summarise, for the healing of mental and emotional illness: ~Clean the digestive tract by eating raw fruits and vegetables, and by using a herbal bowel formula to restore healthy bowel movements.
 ~Eliminate parasites that are producing toxins and agitating the nerves ~Begin to clean out the acids from the body via the sewage system, the lymph system, using herbs to cleanse the lymph vessels.
 ~Bring health to the kidneys with a herbal kidney formula so they can filter the lymphatic waste.
 ~Support and energize the adrenal and thyroid glands with adaptogenic herbs, kelp and herbal formulas. Also possible short term use of bovine glandulars.
 ~Support the nervous system and brain with a herbal brain/nerve formula. ~Use a circulation formula to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.
 ~Eat a raw food diet of living fruits, nuts and seeds to purify and energize the mind and alkalize the body and take detox periods that are free from fats to accentuate the cleansing.

~Practice the daily juice habit- fresh pressed juice as the first meal for breakfast will alkalise and flush the body clean whilst energising the nerves.
 Taking 3 days each month to undergo a juice cleanse supports the body in its healing.

 ~Spend time in Nature. Let the Earth support, rejuvenate and heal!!

 Herbs & Herbal Formulas to focus on: 🌱
Bowel - Gnome Apothecary’s Bowel formula, GI Healer formula, Ginger, Cayenne, Carrot, Celery 🌱Kidneys - Kidney formula, Parsley, Coriander, Carrots, Beetroot, Watermelon 🌱
Adrenals - Adrenal formula, Parsley, Coriander, Celery, Licorice, Siberian ginseng, Ashwaganda, Berries
 🌱Thyroid - Adrenal Formula, Kelp & Seaweeds 🌱
Lymph - Lymph formula, Lemon, Grapes, Apples, Watermelon

🌱Circulation - Circulation formula, Cayenne, Ginger

🌱Brain/Nerves - Brain/nerve formula, Nerve Calm formula, Antispasmodic tincture, Gotu Kola, Brahmi, Ginkgo, Rosemary, Cayenne 🌱Parasites - Parasite M & G formulas

🌱Nutrition - Berries, Alfalfa, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Bee Pollen, Goji Berries, Spinach, Kale, Comfrey, Nettle, Seaweed

 The journey into health takes time as we slowly, gently yet surely nourish ourselves.
 Focus your mind on your passions, visions and prayers because your creativity is the greatest medicine of all!!

Contact Gnome Apothecary to further the understanding of Regenerative Detoxification and to acquire the necessary herbs and formulas. 

We are not doctors that treat disease or offer medical advice, we teach you how to alkalise and regenerate your body and mind!

Blessings to your wellness!


Jackson Griffiths Regenerative Detox Specialist

Artwork by Jesse Griffiths Revello

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