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Colds & Flu - How the Woman's Herb Red Raspberry Leaf Helps

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

A cold and flu is a detoxification experience.

Cold temperature isn't the cause of sickness, the cold weather is assisting the body to cleanse. The cold is an alkaline experience, starting the breakdown of congestion. The cause is the congestion of acidic mucus created from an improper diet, of particularly dairy, eggs, processed foods and grains. When the body is full to the brim with mucus, out it shall come!

The body is always in contact with bacterium, though during this cleansing process, the bacteria thrive in the mucus to facilitate the breakdown of the waste. It is to be smiled at, supported and encouraged because the waste is coming out. If we stop this experience with drugs, the body remains congested for greater disease in the future.

Today's suppression is tomorrow's misery.

One of the best and simplest old time remedies for the cold and flu, especially for children, is the leaves of the Raspberry! The astringency of the leaves will tone the stomach and bowels and this tightening of the tissue clears out the excess mucus, thus supporting cold and flu detox. It is high in iron and builds the blood at the same time. Raspberry Leaf is used by dieting on liquid foods only (tea, broth, fresh juice) whilst drinking copious amounts of the Red Raspberry leaf tea throughout the day. If possible use litres of this tea and nothing else because solid foods will slow down the process of detoxification. This will support the detoxification of the mucus and make for a speedy recovery. Some fruit may be taken if needed, oranges are especially good for the Vit C. Also lemon water or Apple Cider Vinegar and honey can really help to dissolve the mucus. If an adult could remain on raspberry tea for 3 days, it would do a wonderful job with cleaning the body!

With colds, the bowels need to be cleared so the mucus in the stomach and lungs can be drained and raspberry leaf does a fine job at clearing the mucus. Though for all the other debris, a herbal bowel mover is an excellent aid in these times.

Also, if needed an additional famous folk remedy is elderflower and peppermint which will open the pores and eliminate toxins through the skin. Elder is an excellent blood purifier and immune system booster whilst the peppermint soothes digestion. This combination works great taken alongside the red raspberry tea.

With these simple herbs we can support the natural detoxification of our body during the healing process of a cold.

Raspberry leaves are also an extremely valuable food for the female reproductive organs, toning the uterus. Used regularly during pregnancy they assist contractions and check hemorrhaging of labour, promoting a painless labour. It also strengthens, cleanses and enriches the mother's milk, and regulates menstruation, being valuable for young women going through puberty.

To keep this valuable herb on hand for colds, as well as for all the mothers, women and women to be, visit the following page:

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