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Eliminating Constipation Regeneratively & the Sacred Bark, Cascara Sagrada

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

The Cascara Sagrada (Rhamnus Purshiana) tree is famous in the natural health world, a medicine inherited from the Native Americans.

One of the very best and safest laxatives ever discovered! A great healer of the digestive system, increasing secretion of the stomach, liver, pancreas, and bowels. Cascara is used longterm as a tonic, assisting bowels to function naturally and regularly from its toning effects, particularly upon of the peristaltic muscles, energising the nerves of the muscles therefore promoting regularity in bowel movements.

A laxative called Sacred Bark? A healthy digestive system is imperative to the health of the entire body. A backed up digestive tract is at the cause of all disease, promoting excessive waste in the body, also backing up the kidneys, then the entire body gets clogged up with waste intracellularly.

It's said that never will we have peace for as long as we have constipated warriors sitting at the peace table!

Through years of improper eating, fecal matter accumulates and glues itself to the bowel walls. Then it dehydrates and compacts onto the bowel walls creating a congested cesspool of mucus and toxins that breeds bacteria, fungus and worms to aid in the breakdown of waste. Foul huh! We can scrape the slime on our tongues to catch but a glimpse of what might be going on below.

All disease is created by the congestion of waste matter.

Henceforth the sacredness of this bark that opens up the digestive eliminative channel to begin the removal of waste and begin a free flowing road to cleanliness and health!

Constipation is created through the eating of mucus forming foods. Mucus forming foods are: All animal products (dairy, meat and eggs), all refined and processed foods, cooked foods, and cooked grains. These foods are acidic so the body forms mucus as protection to it's delicate tissues. Overtime the mucus enters into the bloodstream and clogs all cells in the body intracellularly. When the mucus gets in between the cells, they themselves become constipated and begin to malfunction.

The cause of constipation in the bowels is from mucus enervating and depleting the nerve energy of the peristaltic muscles. Because the mucus is intracellular in the bowels also, the waste needs to be cleansed via the lymphatic system (sewage system) and filtered by the kidneys.

For this reason laxatives do not get to the cause of the problem. The constipation is within the tissues itself! The bowels need to be cleaned from within the bowel walls. The magic of cascara sagrada is that it promotes the cells to eliminate waste, though cascara definitely needs support.

For all disorders of the digestive tract, lymphatic herbs should be employed for their ability to clean within the bowel walls. And because the lymph system is cleaned by the kidneys, kidney herbs should also be employed for any disorder of the bowels. And because the kidneys are controlled by the adrenal glands, herbs to assist the adrenals are also required! The adrenals also control the autonomic nerves which are the nerves that control the bowel movements.

Do you see how disease is a systemic issue and needs to be approached as such?

Remember the root cause! The acidic mucus forming foods. When we enter a mucusless diet, the process of cleansing disease and constipation begins.

The foods that are optimal for the human body are the raw living plant foods: fruits and vegetables! 🍉🍊🍇🍓

The water and sap in the plants are an excellent solvent to mucus and waste and so are a great tool for dissolving and breaking up the congestion. Constipation involves hardened fecal matter that has dried up and parasites like candida and yeasts live in the anaerobic spaces, thriving in the deoxygenated environments. The juices in the fruits and herbs rehydrate the compactions, loosening them up for elimination, whilst sweeping it through with the high fiber, and also oxygenating the environment making it inhabitable for the parasites.. Raw plant foods are also probiotic and so promote a healthy gut microbiome, Fruits are cleansing to the lymph and healing to the kidneys, healing the intracellular constipation. The raw foods are high in electricity and will energise the nerve synapses in the bowels, energising the entire body. The simple sugars and amino acids give ease to digestion and allow the body to use its energy for healing and being vital. Plants are also very rich in antioxidants that protect the body from inflammation and support gut healing.

By using raw fruits and vegetables, and herbs for the cleansing and strengthening of the body, particularly the bowels, kidneys, endocrine glands, and lymphatic system, we walk the path towards wellness!


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Jackson Griffiths Regenerative Detox Specialist

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