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Heal and Be Free of Lower Back, Spinal & Pelvic Pain

You may think that pain is a virtue of growing old, or you may be trying to treat pain with stretching, physiotherapy and chiropractics. Though what is the root cause? 
 To eliminate pain, permanently, we must eliminate what is causing the pain.

Looking at it simply, pain is the nerve signal from inflammation, an immune response to acidosis - a toxic condition of the body through the accumulation of acid wastes. If there is pain in the body it is simply inflamed tissue that is being damaged and burdened by an acid medium.

Pain is the body’s signaling mechanism. The cells are crying out for help - just like a baby would for food or to change its nappy - the cells are drowning in their own waste, can’t breathe, nutrition can’t come in, and are being burnt by the acidity. Immune cells don’t travel well at all through such congestion so the body creates inflammation to encourage their entry to come and help clean up the waste.

Lower back pain, spinal or hip pain (any pain in fact), signals constipation of either the kidneys or bowels, usually both!

Most back pain will vanish once the digestive tract is cleared. Many of us carry kilos of hardened fecal matter in our intestines. All that congested waste presses upon the other tissues and organs in the abdomen and causes them to tighten and pull on each other, putting each other out of place, even causing scoliosis as the spine is pulled out of place. There is something called referred pain - as the congestion causes inflammation in the digestive tract, surrounding tissues, such as pelvic muscles, also take the blow as they too fall under the acid sky.

The congestion amongst the joints is to be eliminated via the lymphatic system and filtered out by the kidneys. Unless the kidneys are filtering, the acids will have a hard time getting out and the pain will reoccur at any chance it gets. Always go after healing the kidneys because this is the perfect warning sign that they aren’t filtering and need support! The lower back and the pelvic region, including our reproductive organs, are the first to go down as they back up with acids that the kidneys can’t handle. Unless the kidneys are cleansed and healed, there will be further signs of pain and disease arising in the body in genetic weakened areas. 
You may see it as a local problem now though slowly and surely it is becoming a systemic issue wreaking havoc elsewhere! By listening and acting upon this warning sign we’re preventing problems in the prostate, uterus, colon… pancreas, liver, stomach, heart, brain! 
 As the congestion travels sure enough the bones are becoming brittle as alkalizing calcium is drawn out to counteract the acidity. My father died not from prostate cancer, but the chemotherapy that further acidified his body, brittling his pelvic bones. Shortly after the treatment he needed a hip replacement, though wasn't long before he literally fell to his death!

So we know this is a kidney issue because there is lymph stagnation amongst the muscles and joints that should be eliminated by the kidneys. To get to the root of it, eliminate the lymph by healing the kidneys.

Our adrenal glands control the function of the kidneys, they sit on top of them! They produce anti-inflammatory steroids that combat the inflammation in the body. Weak adrenal glands leads to a host of problems including kidney/bladder issues, reproductive issues and lower back pain, spinal and pelvic pain as the inflammation gets out of control. The important adrenal glands need all the support they can get to counteract stress responses in the body and support kidney function. So here it’s important to focus on rest and rejuvenation to allow adrenal regeneration.

You may find the joints aching when you stop moving. This is because through movement, the body creates acids, such as lactic acid, as a byproduct. Though movement is what pumps the lymph system and moves toxins along… you rest then you rust. 
 So what is needed is not vigorous over-exercising that adds acids to the inflamed joints but gentle exercise that supports lymph movements. 
 This is one of the great benefits of yoga and stretching, is the movement of lymph! However there is no use just circulating lymph around without it being eliminated by the kidneys.

Acids coagulate and clump together forming deposits of dried, inorganic minerals and toxins in the joints that tighten and stiffen their movement. To loosen our joints and become more flexible, we need the hydration of alkali electrolytes, present in fruits and vegetables.

-Proteins in the diet are acidic and cause inflammation. They give an extra hard task to the kidneys, damaging them as they try to filter out the acidic metabolic waste. So for the purpose of healing, all proteins, even nuts and seeds that will aggravate the inflammation, are best left aside. -Dairy, eggs and flour products are extremely congesting to the GI tract, just think about how they can be used as glue!
 -And meat is too high in protein and clogs the circulation of the body with its saturated fat. What’s more is that animal products weaken the adrenal glands by giving us external hormones the adrenals should be making!

What's left is an alkalizing diet of fruits and vegetables which are all anti-inflammatory and pain relieving with their cooling and hydrating properties.

Healing is so simple!
 -Cleanse the lymph system with anti-inflammatory, hydrating, alkalizing fruits and vegetables, and lymphatic cleansing herbs! 
-Restore the muscular peristalsis action of the bowels through herbs and clean them out with a plant diet that dissolves hardened mucus and waste. -Cleanse and disinfect the kidneys and urinary tract with herbs, flushing them with fresh juices and raw fruits and vegetables. -Restore the adrenals by empowering them with herbs, and reducing mental, emotional and physical stress in your life!

-Dilute essential oils into a carrier oil to increase oxygen and blood circulation to the area and relax the nerves (lavender, chamomile, peppermint etc)

Get in contact if you need more support on how to do a bowel cleanse, heal the kidneys and adrenals, move the lymph and eliminate pain and inflammation!

Jackson Griffiths

Artwork by Jessica Griffiths Revello

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