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How to Lose Weight Whilst Regenerating Your Health

Losing weight is simple - though losing weight in a way that is regenerative to the body takes prudence and skill. Perhaps we may lose weight by restricting calories, going into ketosis or increasing exercise, though these principles do not restore the body's cellular function which is essential to remain at your body's natural weight. To restore health we must always focus first upon eliminating the waste that is stagnant in the body. At the same time as opening up the eliminative channels, we can intake the foods that leave the least residue, thus allowing the body to undergo it's natural cleansing process. Detoxification not only eliminates fat but restores the health and hygiene of every cell and allows your body to heal and regenerate. Regeneration is not possible on a ketogenic diet too high in protein, which damages the kidneys, and too high in fat, which keeps the body in a state of stagnation, whilst depleting it of it's most vital nourishment - plant sugars. Also too much exercise shakes, loosens and burns fat up though at the same time clogging the body with lactic acid. Unless the body is restored to it's natural weight through a mucusless diet, the fat returns. To cleanse the body we must focus upon cleaning the lymphatic system, the sewage system, which is innately a fat based system.

The foods causing residue in the body are the fats and fatty foods which are going to stagnate the lymphatic system, causing sewage waste to build up! Fats make you fat! The body makes its own cholesterol and uses this as an alkalising anti-inflammatory to protect itself. If the body is overly acidic, eventually this cholesterol builds up and plaques onto the lymph vessels, accumulating pressure and stagnation of waste.

Cholesterol is only found in animals, not in plants. We do not need additional cholesterol nor the extra fat on the animals, or in their milk/eggs.. If we want to lose weight we need to eliminate all animal products to reduce our cholesterol and fat intake.

Animal products are also too high in protein which damages the kidneys, the organs that filter and clean the lymph fluids.

The other way the body protects itself from toxins is with water which is why we get swelling and edema when there's inflammation.

The body surrounds waste accumulations in the body with water and fat and that's cellulite. Cellulite is a way for the body to protect itself and store toxins away from the blood.

Now how to clear the fat out so there is free circulation of beautiful radiant energy!? Again, we must focus upon cleaning the lymph so the toxic waste can be eliminated. There are certain mucus forming foods that prevent the lymph from cleansing, causing waste stagnation in the body.

These foods are meat, dairy, eggs, grains, grain products (flour), and processed foods. Simply by avoiding these foods our body will undergo its cleansing process and health will restore itself!

Alkalising foods will disperse the accumulations, flush the lymphatic system clean and hydrate the tissues. The alkaline foods are the raw, living plant foods. Fruits, herbs, vegetables, leafy greens, sprouts.

We could go on a wholefood plant diet including the nuts and seeds, but this still contains fat and will take time to drop the weight and isn't going to help the body eliminate fat fast! We want results!

To accelerate the weight loss, take fats out of the diet entirely during this process, including nuts, seeds, oils and veggie fats like avocado and coconut. Fruits and vegetables are used to clean, alkalise and purify the body! Eat them freely in copious amounts in the form of fruit bowls, fresh fruit/veg juices, smoothies, raw soups, and gourmet salads. The plants are going to dissolve the fat, cut it loose, and flush it out. Particularly the astringent fruits such as melons, apples, lemons, grapefruits, grapes, are powerful solvents to flush accumulated waste.

The amount of nutrition in the raw plants will satiate you! Perhaps for the first time in your life will you feel truly satisfied after a meal because the plants nourish the cells electrically and hydrate, oxygenate, mineralise, and nutrify!

One may start simply by adding more and more raw foods into the diet. With every cooked food meal, make it half raw, then 80% raw.

Every time you go to eat something that is processed or cooked, be the adult to the child and first eat a raw food, then feed your child.

Then, when you're ready to shred those kilos, go all raw! And then begin to take those steps of going no fat. Baby steps. Always little by little. If detoxification arises too hard and fast and it needs to be slowed down, try using some lightly baked/steamed veggies. The all you can eat buffet to lose weight!

That's the first part, next on the agenda is opening those eliminatory channels with herbs.

-Bowel formula to clean the bowels so elimination is occurring freely. This is especially important and should not be overlooked. The bowels must be cleaned so waste is not being backed up and remaining in the system, and the fat can be eliminated via the liver. -Kidney formula to open up the urinary tract so the excess water, poisons, mucus and metabolic wastes from the lymphatic system may come out. Healing the kidneys is key to the full health of the entire body as this is where all the cellular wastes are eliminated through. -Adrenal formula to support the kidneys and also to increase steroid production which are natural anti-inflammatories. When the body creates enough steroids, it doesn't need to use cholesterol as an anti-inflammatory. The adrenals also produce hormones such as estrogen and testosterone which helps with proper fat metabolism. -Lymph formula to clean the sewage system of the body and eliminate the stagnation that builds up within the lymph nodes. There are many lymph nodes in our hips and chest areas that need to be cleaned to support waste removal. -Circulation formula to purify the blood and lymph vessels, eliminate the cholesterol deposits and strengthen the circulatory system, thus restoring energy to the cells. -Hormone Formula to bring hormones into balance which supports healthy fat metabolism. Excessive estrogen particularly causes excess weight gain.

Then some extra therapies to support weight loss: -Exercise such as running, swimming, walking, rebounding, skipping is going to shake it all up and move it on down.

-A hot/cold shower or a jump in the cold ocean will bring on a change in pressure, contracting and expanding tissue, increasing circulation and moving stagnation.

-Dry skin brushing is excellent for moving lymph and clearing blockages.

-Relax, take time out in nature to open up, expand, breathe deep. We need this to release and let go. -Perhaps seek counsel to support the emotions which lie underneath the protective layers.

Use the raw, living fruits and vegetables to free yourself into radiance and beauty!! You're worth it!

Contact us @Gnome Apothecary for further support in undergoing dietary transition, and acquire the herbal formulas for losing the weight!

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