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Is Natural Healing a Cure to All Ailments?

We all want health and if it came in a bottle, I’m sure everyone one of us would drink it. 
Though any health seeker knows this simply isn’t the case.
 Disease is not something that haphazardly occurs as a misfortune. There is no mystery to disease but the disobedience of the natural laws, just as everything else abides by Nature.

We blame everything for our disease but us - the trauma, the stressor, the genetics, the deficiency, the rare incurable disease. 
It’s not our fault, yet through the nature of cause and effect, our health is what we make of it. It is our entire responsibility to supply the conditions for health to thrive in. 

To be well demands the responsibility, not to cast disease aside, but to accept it as a gift to learn.

Since the world of pharmaceuticals doesn’t offer any nutrition nor does it offer any cleansing mechanism, it does not dwell in the realm of health, but s treatments to disease. 
 If we do not need to take drugs when we are well, why would it generate wellness when we are ill?
The only substance that can create positive structures in the body is our food, so let our food be thy medicine.

We learn about the hygiene of cleaning our teeth, showering and washing our clothes, but how about underneath the skin. Though I hear exclamations that the body does that itself! Whilst each day it barely recovers during sleep.
 The only path to health is by clearing the obstructions that are preventing it. 
 We feel happier after a shower, think about how we feel after an internal shower!

The mind and the body are not separate. If any sector of the brain malfunctions, the resulting mental illness occurs. 
 Traumas express themselves alongside and with physical congestions. 
 Cleansing the body is in complete co-ordinance with our mental, emotional and spiritual pursuits!

The first requisite of attaining health is to remove the causes that are impairing it. 

Will natural hygiene cure disease? A disease may be classified as ‘cured’ once the symptoms are gone, even though nothing may have been done to eliminate the cause. As such, it is possible that someone may be 'cured' from cancer and yet be of no greater health than before the treatment.

Curing disease is of little importance when questing for health because the symptoms are guardians that direct you further into vitality, where disease and its symptoms do not prevail. 
If we can remove the cause then the name of the disease is unnecessary. Without removing the cause, a remedy is not possible.

The primary cause of all disease is the enervation of cellular energy due to acidosis and toxemia, which results from over accumulation of waste matter within the body. Cleanse the body of waste matter, and cellular energy will return for cell regeneration.

No-one or any magic pill can bring us into health but our own self efforts for supporting our body’s natural cleansing and regenerating mechanisms.
 We are the architect, our health is our own. 
Cleanse, detoxify, regenerate and illuminate life into wellness!

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