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The Mucusless Diet for Vitality (Vitality=Power-Obstruction)

Once obstruction in the human body becomes greater than the power that drives it, vitality fails and the body comes to a standstill. This is the simplest equation of health and disease, and it provides a direction in our healing. Vitality = Power minus Obstruction In order to attain and maintain full health, one shall remove all obstructions hindering energy flow, and vitality ensues.

These are the teachings of the great natural healer Arnold Ehret. "Every disease, no matter what name it is known by medical science, is constipation. A clogging up of the entire pipe system of the human body. Any special symptom is therefore merely an extraordinary local constipation by more accumulated mucus at this particular place."

Our body produces mucus in order to protect itself from acidity. Overtime, mucus accumulates throughout the body and stagnates blood, lymph and nerve flow causing death and disease of the cells and tissues. The health of a cell is dependant upon the state of its environment. When the space surrounding a cell builds up with congested fluid and mucus, the immune system struggles to travel through, the environment becomes anaerobic, fermentative and acidic. Nourishment cannot travel easily to the cells in such a condition and waste removal is hindered thus causing pain and inflammation from the congested acidity.

Acids may enter our body through our skin, our lungs, our mind, though the primary avenue for acids to enter the body is through our diet. By limiting the amount of acidic foods entering the body, we begin on the path of regenerative detoxification. No more acids are coming in and the mucus can begin to be cleaned out.

A mucusless diet consists of fruits and vegetables. With nuts and seeds, soaked, sprouted and used sparingly. All in their living whole state, these foods are wholesome and promote balance.

Raw foods are esteemed for health as the high water content is solvent to mucus, hydrating to cells, and the high nutrition is building to blood and body. Raw fruits and vegetables in particular slip through the digestive tract without residues that cause obstruction. Their high electrical charge powers the nerve synapses in our gut along the way, energising the body. Plants in their raw living state are powerful cleansers and builders, regenerating the life force of our body. Life produces life!

Mucus forming foods consist of meats, dairy, eggs, refined grains, refined sugars, salts, and all processed and overcooked foods. These foods are acidic, gluey, sticky, irritating and putrefying, and are the foods that cause the most obstruction.

By understanding that health is in fact a product of hygiene, and that disease arises from waste encumbrances, we see that it is not the nutritious quality of our foods that is important but our food’s ability to facilitate hygiene within of the system by dissolving waste and by leaving the least amount of acidic residue.

The mucusless diet dissolves stagnation and clears the lymph, beginning the elimination of disease and the process of cellular regeneration! And in this way we can literally eat our way into health! Read more on this topic from Arnold Ehret's book 'Mucusless Diet Healing System'

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