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Veganism & the Mucusless Diet For Vitality

Human health is naturally filled with vitality! 

However, through obstruction of power, vitality diminishes.

In the pursuit of health, we must investigate as to what is causing an obstruction to our inherent vital energy. 
 A vegan diet opens the gateway to health by eliminating some of the causative factors of disease. 

Animal products acidify the body, and in response, the body produces mucus to protect itself from the acids. Mucus stagnates energy flow and builds up waste matter. 
In order to experience dynamic and radiant health, acidic, mucus forming foods must be eliminated.

Culturally, we are conditioned to believe that meat, milk and eggs are essential to our diet. 

Someone may get their protein from steak, but the meat-providing cow got all of it’s protein from grass! By eating meat, we are getting the nutritional elements of plants second hand from the animal, with the added bonuses of the animal’s cellular waste and toxemia. 

We do not need protein, but we do need the building blocks of protein, amino acids. All the protein that the body needs, in its amino acid form, can be derived from fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. 
A great deal of acidic waste is created through the process of breaking apart protein to obtain the amino acids. These acidic by-products must be eliminated through the kidneys. Since the acids are pin prick and corrosive, they cause damage to the kidneys. Excessive protein is burdensome work for the body, and harmful.

Ask the gorilla, whose digestive tract is nearly identical to ours, where does he get his protein from? Fruits and herbs! 

 In meat and dairy we are also receiving the hormones of the animals (and the hormones they're supplemented with to enforce growth) and most of these hormones are growth factors.

These hormones have a direct effect on our reproductive organs which produce our hormones. It's so common now to see women with cysts, growths and abnormalities on their ovaries and uterus and men with enlarged prostates because we're eating growth inducing hormones!,Not to mention cases of infertility, abnormal sex drive, poor sex health etc!

The human is the only animal on Earth that drinks milk after weaning, and certainly the only animal drinking milk from another species! Milk contains the perfect arrangement of food for the young cow. So whether cow’s milk is cultured to make yogurt or cheese, separated for the cream or butter, frozen for ice cream, it is not a food for humans.

Eggs are for baby chicks. They are too highly concentrated with protein and even more putrefying than meat! Eggs produce a lot of mucus, forming a gluey, sticky substance that is constipating. 
Milk, eggs, and even flour products are perfect glues causing stagnation of waste matter in the body, and causing obstruction to our natural vitality!

 The cholesterol found in animal products is a major contributor to one of the leading causes of death: heart disease. This animal fat clogs our arteries and veins, not only putting burdensome work on the heart but also depriving our cells of nutrition! It is hard to think but most people that are overweight are also malnourished for this reason. Our body creates it's own supply of cholesterol and intaking more is clogging to the body.

For our health, being vegetarian is not enough, and even veganism may have it’s limitations if the food is processed and denatured.
 Look towards nature’s whole foods; raw fruits and vegetables, as well as whole, soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds!

Though why can it be so hard for some people to go vegan?
 A main reason is that animal products, meat especially, contains hormones and neurotransmitters which our body should be making on its own accord from the adrenal glands. 
By supplying the body with these hormones from another animal, the adrenal glands produce less and eventually become weak.
 The neurotransmitters are an essential component for the function of our nervous system. Without proper nerve flow we are likely to experience fatigue and anxiety. The adrenals need specific attention when transitioning off animal products.

Another reason is that after years of accumulating acidic waste matter, the body finally has a chance to begin its cleansing process. 
It's rough work cleaning out the sewage system of the body! 

The eliminative organs need specific care during this time. 
 That is, our kidneys, bowels, and lymphatic system.

For all of our clients we always work in these fours areas: the kidneys, adrenals, bowels, and lymph.
 We also teach how to transition towards adopting a plant-based vegan diet and, in doing so, waste encumbrances causing dis-ease can be eliminated and your health and vitality can thrive!

Look Ma! I made it into Animal Liberation magazine!

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