Focus Blend combines lavender, rosemary, and other oils known to inspire creativity and mental clarity.

15ml of Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Tulsi & Lemon Balm Essential Oils, Organically Grown, Produced by Floracopeia.


Creating an environment where productivity is nurtured and encouraged is something that we all can benefit from.

Floracopeia’s Focus Blend was designed to sharpen mental focus and inspire creativity, perfect for use in your artist’s studio, writer’s cabin or office.

Focus blend is the ideal oil to diffuse when you are studying or the kids are working on their homework.

Keep a bottle by your diffuser and try it after lunch or during the late afternoon when mental focus tends to diminish.

An added benefit to this blend is that its ingredients have been used for centuries to boost winter wellness when mucous is being passed around.