Floracopeia’s fusion of two helichrysum species restores the complexion, brings comfort to the body, and uplifts the mood.


15ml of Helichrysum gymnocephalum and H. bractiferum Essential Oil, Organically Grown in South Africa, Produced by Floracopeia.


Helichrysum Essential Oil Blend is a fusion of two helichrysum species to assist your body in staying limber, comfortable and relaxed.

An excellent product for the avid hiker, athlete, yoga student, dancer, or lover of activity to always keep close on hand.


With more than 600 species, common helichrysum grows on every continent. Very few oils can boast such a broad spectrum of effective uses.

Helichrysum promotes comfort in a body that may be overworked or tired, restores the complexion, supports an open and deep breath, as well as provides mood uplifting and tension reducing benefits.

Its name reveals helichrysum's divine nature: derived from the Greek helios, meaning sun, and chrysos, meaning gold, it refers to the golden-yellow color of many of the flowers in this genus.
One ton of helichrysum flowering tops yields about one kilogram of essential oil.

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