Licorice is a sweet, moistening, harmonising tonic herb, reputed since ancient times for its ability to restore and maintain youthfulness and vitality.

100ml, Handmade Liquid Extract of Organic Licorice Root

(Glycyrrhiza glabra).
Grown in Australia

Licorice is said to have originated in Asia and is famously used in many Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas as a harmonising herb that helps the other herbs work better, and where it is known as a yin tonic (moistening, demulcent) to replenish, restore and balance Qi, vital energy. 
The plant was then carried through to the Middle East and was found in large quantities in King Tut's tomb, buried 3000 years ago! 
It then spread through to Europe and was written about by herbalist Culpepper in the 1800's: “Liquorice root, boiled in water, makes a good drink for those who have a dry cough or hoarseness, wheezing or shortness of breath. It is also a cleansing agent, and at the same time softening and soothing."
This valuable herb can now be found as an official medicine in nearly all the pharmocopeia's around the world!

Licorice is a demulcent herb that is sweet and soothing to the tissues of the body, especially to inflammed mucous membranes of the mouth, stomach, intestines and lungs.

It's anti-inflammatory effects are seen most prominently in the Gi tract where its known to protect the tissues and regulate digestive juices, supporting normal functioning. 


You'll find licorice as an ingredient in many traditional cough syrups because it's one of the oldest folk remedies for chest complaints as it helps to dissolve and expectorate mucus.

The active ingredient, g​lycyrrhizin, is one of the sweetest substances on the Earth, being 50times sweeter than sugar!
Though this sweet substance is not known to increase the need for insulin.


Glycyrrhizin has valuable anti-inflammatory properties and also acts as an immune system modulator, with studies suggesting that glycyrrhizin enhances immune response in cases of viral and bacterial infection.

The steroids present in the roots make it a notable herb for restoring exhausted adrenal glands. They are similar in structure to the steroidal hormone, cortisol, which the adrenals produce, helping the adrenals to produce healthy amounts of cortisol. 

LaDean Griffin shares: "When people who have been under severe stress, overworking the adrenals and becoming extremely nervous and irritable, begin to take Licorice, they think they have suddenly spiritually arrived. It is my opinion that many who suffer in mental institutions could be helped with this wonderful herb."

Isabell Shippard writes: "Many who have taken licorice to support the adrenals find stress, worry and negative attitudes fall away, and that they have strength and energy to cope with daily life."

Licorice is known as a woman's herb due to it's hormonal content which has oestrogenic effects that are beneficial to some women, traditionally used in the support of female infertility, menopause, delayed and irregular menstruation, and PMS.

Suggested Usage:
1 dropperful (1ml), up to 4 times per day, 

taken straight or added into water, juice or tea.

After a couple of weeks, rest from the licorice for a few days to a week.
Licorice works great when cycled with other herbs with similar uses.

As with all herbs, the application must be performed with great prudence.
Listen to the herb, listen to your body, and if any adverse effects occur, stop using the herb.
Too high of a prolonged dose of licorice is known to cause potassium loss, leading to hypertension.
For this reason Licorice is not to be used, or with great care and under proffessional guidance, by those with a history of high blood pressure, impaired kidney or liver function, and diabetes.
Contraindicated with corticosteroid and diuretic medication, consult your physician or herbalist first.
Licorice is considered to be generally safe when following normal dosages and when using the whole herb.

-Organic Licorice root, Australian Grown, sourced from Southern Lights Herbs.
-Organic grain-free alcohol & distilled water (~50% abv)

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