Sandalwood, Australian

This exquisite, sustainable "divine oil" of sandalwood from Australia is derived from trees harvested under stringent license.


3.75ml of Santalum spicatum Essential Oil, Sustainably Wild Harvested in Australia, Produced by Floracopeia.


The oil from this unique species of sandalwood, Santalum spicatum, represents one of the rare success stories of the preservation of this endangered aromatic treasure. Harvesting of this variety of sandalwood is performed only under stringent license conditions enforced by the State Government, which requires that 12 seedlings are planted to replace each harvested tree.


Sandalwood oil is a true aromatic gem and it has a long history of use in ethno-botanical medicine, religious and ceremonial ritual, cosmetics, perfumery and meditation. The practice of purification through prayer of all kinds was frequently accompanied by the burning of incense such as sandalwood and frankincense resin.

Though the purpose was to promote spiritual refinement through prayer accompanied by sacred scents, the burning of sandalwood actually served a dual purpose: sandalwood has spiritually and emotionally uplifting as well as purifying properties.

Because of its uniquely rich and smooth fragrance and potent healing properties, and because the entire tree must be harvested in order to extract the essential oil, sandalwood has become increasingly rare and is now far too often obtained from areas that are over-harvested, illegally harvested and facing ecological threat through deforestation and grazing. The vast majority of sandalwood oil on the market is adulterated or produced under unethical conditions; at the same time, numerous agro-forestry projects are starting that need support through the sales of their products.


One of perfumery's most revered substances, sandalwood oil is prized for its tranquil, nourishing and satisfying fragrance. The fragrance quiets the mind and emotions, opens the heart, enhances concentration and awakens intuition. It also enhances romantic moods with its soft, sensual, opening and centering spicy-warm fragrance.

Let this Floracopeia favorite infuse your meditation with the pristine healing elements of nature at its purest. It is considered highly sattvic, which means it promotes good health, tranquility, clarity and is very safe to use.
Renowned especially for its calming, uplifting powers, the “divine oil” of sandalwood has been a staple of spiritual practices from ancient times to the present day. A quintessential component of ritual and meditation, sandalwood calms a worried mind and supports inner serenity. Sandalwood oil promotes what is known in Ayurveda as ojas, or nutritional essence; therefore, sandalwood is strengthening to the vital health of the entire body and gives satisfaction to the mind.

Sandalwood, Australian