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"I really must salute Gnome Apothecary for the brilliant guidance, detailed information provided, presence and support and the genius of their herbal Magic’s!
Bubba and I were all backed up and neither of us could release our bowels!

After a few days I’m going like clock work and having noticeable increase in energy, my milk supply has increased and the chest cold bubba and I had was so much easier to deal with as I wasn’t wiped out completely. We both sleep better, bubba sleeps longer, we eat better and I feel more emotionally grounded on top of all the other benefits!!

The best part was that baby heart is pooing daily now, with less colic issues and that frees me up to start eating more variety!

You have a customer for life and I’m so inspired that I may just have to start studying herbs myself, woohooo! 
Thank you Gnome Apothecary, you all rock and I will confidently tell everyone I know to try your beautiful magical herb mix’s!"
- Mithrael Dumais

"Get onto these gnome's herbs. Quality is high, knowledge and genuine love is cast into each batch. 

I definitely feel youthful being on these formulas"
- Kevin Gay

"Thank you guys for sourcing the highest quality herbs and putting them together so that we can nourish and nurture our bodies.
From the moment we spoke to you guys we knew that you were onto it, very knowledgeable full of wisdom and compassion energies which i want in the herbs i purchase.
Once again thank you and blessings Much Love and Light"
-Jessica & Ricardo Stefanile

Anyone wanting to really get the lymphatic system moving, detox/cleanse anything on your health journey in Australia, Gnome Apothecary is the place to shop. I purchased the 30-day detox kit, some tonic herbs and superfoods from these guys because there is nothing fresher happening here in Aus.

Quality fresh herbs ground as ordered is something that has been missing in the health market here in Aus and I'm pleased I also got to visit with them and see their production process and the care they take. I'm so extremely grateful for the experience and the fast action I have felt through the use of these herbs...

Anyone doing SFV or wanting to follow Dr Morse or Dr Christoper's Herbal Legacy want to get in touch with this group and change your life forever.

Going Raw can seem hard too but the Natural Healing Network can offer support, recipes, journey sharing that can really help. I'm so keen to see others join and share...

Hope everyone gets on board with supporting this wealth of health opportunity, we are blessed to have them operating here in Australia. 
Thank you Gnome Apothecary I am eternally grateful!

Much Love, Ginger Kind - Founder @Raw_Temple

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